Abortion needs to stop

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TFP Student Action

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4 Ways To Stop Arguing About Abortion And Start Preventing It Because the sweet old lady doesn’t know what an abortion-seeker looks like, thinks, or. Because the sweet old lady doesn’t know what an abortion-seeker looks like, thinks, or needs. She’s been sucked into the ping-pong game of political arguments and forgotten about the people.

Abortion is a huge problem, and it needs to be stopped, the baby could be the man or woman who finds world peace, travels to Mars, or becomes the president. Abortion needs to be stopped.

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Abortion, It needs to stop. My letter will be discussing a very heated topic right now in politics. There needs to be something done about this horrific procedure. Coerced into an abortion by my dad, I was brought to a hospital, ironically on the maternity floor, for a saline abortion.

No one told me what was about to happen, or about the development of my baby. What We Need to Do to Stop Abortion. Abortion is "legal" because of a Supreme Court decision. So we can change this by the Supreme Court reversing its decision, or amending the Constitution to effectively override the Supreme Court decision.

Abortion needs to stop
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Abortion, It needs to stop. by Thomas L. - Letters to the Next President