Banning of burqa

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French burqa and niqab ban

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The European court of human rights upholds France’s burqa ban. The judges say preservation of a certain idea of “living together” is the “legitimate aim” of the French authorities. Burqa bans, headscarves and veils: a timeline of legislation in the west February Austria’s full-face veil ban is a kneejerk reaction to the rise of the far right.

France, Belgium, Austria and most recently Denmark have banned the Burqa, with some going further and banning the Niqab as well. Despite the cries of racism and authoritarianism from left-wing activists and Muslim communities, all of these countries are still free and open democracies.

In France, where the burqa was banned ina study by the French Interior Ministry said that few women wore the burqa in the country and that only about 2, wore the niqab. France banned Muslim headscarves and other conspicuous religious symbols from public schools inand banned full-face veils from all public spaces in President Nicolas Sarkozy declared, “It is a question of freedom and of women’s dignity.

In Britain, former foreign secretary Boris Johnson has been called upon to apologize for comparing burqa-wearing women to “letter boxes," though he said he did not support banning the attire. A number of European nations including France and Belgium have some form of ban on burqas on the books, while others, including Germany, have mooted the idea.

French burqa and niqab ban Banning of burqa
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