Being proactive

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Being Proactive Vs. Reactive

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Difference Between a Proactive & a Reactive Business Strategy

If you want to be proactive in monitoring your alfalfa quality, this is a quick and easy tool for you to use. A PEAQ (predictive equations for alfalfa quality) stick is used to determine the forage quality of your 1 st crop alfalfa stands.

The opposite is being reactive, or waiting for things to unfold before responding. Think about winter cold season. A proactive person washes his hands and takes vitamins; a reactive person gets sick and takes cold medicine.

Thesaurus. Definitions of proactive. 1. The Sun () We were being reactive instead of proactive. Christianity Today () This report is a more proactive step. Times, Sunday Times () We are not going to take a proactive role. Welcome to ProActive PTSR. At ProActive Physical Therapy, our approach to your treatment is personalized and focused on your goals.

We get to know our patients as individuals, and then formulate a healing regimen to return you to full functioning and train you to. Being proactive vs reactive can be the difference between being miserable in the classroom on a daily basis, or looking at the big picture and taking steps that will take you into the long term feeling a greater sense of job satisfaction for the future.

Dec 10,  · And, if being proactive is one of the standards that drives the vision, then everyone must understand how their roles and responsibilities can positively impact that vision.

Being proactive
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