Geely acquisition of volvo

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Volvo (automobile)

Incidence will take place during. Automotive CCC. China Certification is an excellent partner for the CCC certification in the automotive sector. We are providing leading automotive suppliers and car manufacturers with quick and smart solutions for their CCC certification.

Volvo Cars (Swedish: Volvo personvagnar), stylized as VOLVO in the logo, is a Chinese-owned, Swedish luxury vehicles company. It is headquartered on Torslanda in Gothenburg and is a subsidiary of Chinese automotive company company manufactures and markets sport utility vehicles, station wagons, sedans and compact executive sedans.

The Volvo Group was founded in as a. When Geely Holdings paid $ billion to buy Volvo from Ford, it was the biggest single foreign acquisition that the Chinese car industry had made.

That was six years ago. However, Geely’s. These latest deals follow in the footsteps of the granddaddy of Chinese auto acquisitions: Inprivate Chinese carmaker Geely bought storied Swedish firm Volvo from Ford.

Acquisition speculation never really goes away for Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. This time, South Korean automaker Hyundai has been cast in the role of potential suitor, a variation on speculation. Dec 27,  · Geely, led by Li Shufu, was a relatively early proponent of deal-making.

When it bought Volvo from Ford Motor, it became the first Chinese carmaker to acquire a foreign rival.

Geely acquisition of volvo
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