I didnt do my homework excuses monologue

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My Excuses - Poem by Arielle Perkins

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Why I Didnt Do My Homework 365 Days

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Nov 12,  · That’s exactly what went through my mind when I saw I Didn’t Do My Homework Because Doodle Book of Excuses by Davide Cali and illustrated by Benjamin Chaud, published by Chronicle Books.

It’s a brilliant follow up to their picture books, I Didn’t Do My Homework Because and A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to School.

Excuses for why you don’t have your homework

Nov 12,  · If you did not finish your homework, you may want to find an excuse to avoid being penalized.

There are a variety of excuses, from blaming technology to your busy schedule, that sound like a plausible reason for failing to complete an assignment%(). Aug 04,  · I Didn't Do My Homework Because Doodle Book of Excuses by Benjamin Chaud,available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

Oh, but if you forgot to note down the homework, did the wrong page, or just didn't give two shits about it and didn't do it, the assholes will ask you turn it in. All in all, school sucks, classwork sucks, teachers suck, students suck, and homework is the fucking scum of the earth.

Aug 02,  · “My computer crashed and I didn’t save my work/my printer stopped working! ” – With more and more people using computer based software to complete their homework, a whole new spectrum of excuses have been opened to the desperate, homework-lacking student.

I didnt do my homework excuses monologue
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