Lean burn combustion

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Laser Ignition for Advanced Gasoline Engines

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The Chrysler Lean Burn engine control system: first onboard auto computer

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Rolls-Royce Lean-Burn Combustion test engine runs for first time

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Lean burn engines

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With lean spark ignition combustion, the ratio can go up tobut the flame won’t propagate. Combustion ignition enables a super lean burn at twice the ideal air/fuel ratio.

Mazda saw Lean mixtures are more efficient but may cause higher levels of nitrogen oxides.

EP0451462A1 - Lean burn internal combustion engine - Google Patents

Some engines are designed with features to allow lean-burn. For precise air-fuel ratio calculations, the oxygen content of combustion air should be specified because of different air density due to different altitude or intake air temperature, possible dilution by ambient water vapor, or enrichment by oxygen additions.

This chapter discusses lean-burn hydrogen combustion in gas turbines and reciprocating IC engines. It explains that while utilizing hydrogen fuel poses some challenges, operating hydrogen combustion engines have already been demonstrated.

The special features of hydrogen for lean burn include its high flame speed, low flammability limit, high. Lean burn refers to the use of lean mixtures in an internal combustion engine.

The air-fuel ratios can be as high asso the mixture has considerably less fuel in comparison to the stoichiometric combustion ratio ( for petrol for example).

Rolls-Royce runs lean-burn combustion engine for first time Lean burn combustion
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Hydrogen Basics - Inernal Combustion Engines