Need of high tech seedbanks in agriculture

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Meet India's female 'seed guardians' pioneering organic farming

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Back when I was in mi. Being in New Tech High I got to use a computer every day of school, “Need of high-tech seedbanks in Agriculture” * INTRODUCTION: As we know that the population in now a days is such a big chalange.

The impact of its is in every field,specillay in Agriculture. seedbanks are considered by the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (DAFF) of the Government of the Republic of South Africa as a means to strengthen the informal.

Agriculture sector is a risky business that exposed to the failure due to the uncertainty of commodity price, inefficient management or etc.

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If the farmers or firms facing such a failure in their agriculture business, they could not afford to pay back the loan, besides all the financial risk are burdensome on the borrowers (farmers or firms) alone.

With the establishment of seedbanks, organic farmers no longer need to buy seeds from the market. This year, 1, kilos of seeds were distributed to farmers.

AAV (Ageless Aerospace Vehicle) – can monitor itself and its environment, learn and adapt, and make and implement decisions: Absolute Salinity Standard – a new international thermodynamic description of seawater, cast in terms of a new salinity which gives an accurate measure of the heat content of seawater for inclusion in ocean .

Need of high tech seedbanks in agriculture
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