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Why Societies Need Dissent

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Why Societies Need Dissent Summary

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Montesquieu was a bad source for all sides and a specific figure in the other of the exam of separation of powers. In this timely book, Cass R. Sunstein shows that organizations and nations are far more likely to prosper if they welcome dissent and promote openness. Attacking “political correctness” in all forms, Sunstein demonstrates that corporations, legislatures, even presidents are likely to blunder if.

“ Why Societies Need Dissent shows that demands for lock-step conformity are wrong and uninformed thinking. Sunstein’s important new study is filled with empirical evidence of the significance of opposition, found in his compelling explanations of the need for, and benefits of, disagreement.

Free Speech, The Framers' Greatest Contribution excerpted from the book Why Societies Need Dissent by Cass R. Sunstein Harvard University Press,paper. A truly free society prohibits censorship and enables free expression to occur, continues Sunstein, who studies three phenomena of group dynamics: individuals’ desire to conform to groups, group decision- making, and the tendency for parts of groups to polarize.

Why Societies Need Dissent displays Cass Sunstein's keen eye for the interesting question, his boundless intellectual energy, and his ability to bring theoretical sophistication to bear on pressing contemporary problems. I always read and benefit from reading Sunstein's work/5(8).

Apr 26,  · People whose opinions (and dissent) don’t matter. Thus, dissenters are either silenced or driven from the group, and their counterbalancing ideas are never considered.

Finally, Sunstein notes that it isn’t enough just for ideas to be out there in the ether.

Why societies need dissent by cass
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